why red tiger? 

Originally, the warrior monks of Shaolin practiced martial arts because they believed that by putting themselves in life- or- death situations, they could gain a better understanding of the meaning of life.

Today, the monks’ philosophy can provide enrichment without us having to seek out mortal danger.  The application of concepts that lead to success on the battlefield can help each of us emerge successfully from the conflicts experienced in everyday life.

Sifu Paul Mason's own experience in the art proved  that after a few months in the art,  adopting a warrior mindset provided him with broader perspective and clarity, with which he was able to more effectively resolve or avoid conflicts in his personal life. "Warrior" does not refer to a fighter, an aggressor, or an animal; instead  we strive to be a guardian, a protector, someone who possesses valor.

In addition, the physical skills that are taught are real, practical and effective.


Red Tiger Martial Arts is part of the World Shaolin Wing Chun Martial Arts Federation, founded by Grand Master Benny Meng.    As such our training methodology, while specializing in Wing Chun,  teaches all ranges of combat.   Traditionally,  monks who were allowed to study Wing Chun in the Shaolin temple were already accomplished fighters  before beginning their Wing Chun training.    The result is a well-rounded martial artist, equipped to be effective against any opponent, in any range of combat.  

At Red Tiger Martial Arts,  your martial training will cover foundation skills in long-range empty-hand fighting (kicking and traditional boxing), as well as close-range fighting and grappling skills in addition to your Wing Chun training.  

Qigong is also taught at Red Tiger Martial Arts. Qigong is the internal side of training - including meditation and breathing exercises to improve energy levels, reduce stress, and improve overall health. 


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Sifu Paul Mason began his martial arts journey in 2008 under, Master John Lambert, of Meng’s Martial Arts of Cincinnati, and he was presented with the school’s Martial Artist of the Year award for that year. At that time, Master Lambert's school on Reading Rd was also the home of the Cincinnati Balintawak Club. This allowed Sifu Mason to earn his Grade 1 rank in art of Balintawak Arnis, in 2009, under the late Grand Master Jorge Penafiel, founder of the Putakti system. In 2010, at Meng's Martial Arts headquarters in Dayton, OH, he performed a Bai Si (tea ceremony) which recognized him as a disciple of Master Lambert under Grand Master Benny Meng’s Shaolin Halls System.

The first hall of Shaolin focuses on life skills and physical conditioning. In 2012 Sifu Mason opened Red Tiger Fitness, LLC as a way to help people achieve their physical fitness goals. In Chinese martial arts culture the tiger is representative of strength and power, and the color red is associated with good fortune and the warrior spirit.

After earning his first degree black sash in 2012, Sifu Mason accepted the responsibility of recruiting and teaching his own students, who would eventually become members of the original Cincinnati branch school.

He has coached several competitors that achieved first place in national and local competition, in the years 2013 and 2014, respectively.

In 2015, Sifu Mason was accepted by Grand Master Benny Meng into the Lohan Candidate Program, Grand Master Meng's internationally recognized Wing Chun instructor certification program. That same year he earned his first Lohan certification, in the skill of San Da under Grand Master Meng’s Seven Skills Universe curriculum.  In 2017, Sifu Mason was awarded his Wing Chun certification in Baat Jaam Dao and Siu Nim Tau, respectively.

In late 2017, with the approval and encouragement of his Sifu, Master John Lambert and the system founder, Grand Master Benny Meng, Sifu Mason started his own martial arts club, changing the name of Red Tiger Fitness to Red Tiger Martial Arts: Meng’s Shaolin Wing Chun.

In 2018, in the interest of continuing his professional development Sifu Mason obtained his Fitness Trainer certification from the CPD Accreditation Group, and he resumed training in the art of Balintawak. In December of this year he earned his second degree black sash in Shaolin Wing Chun.

The mission of Red Tiger Martial Arts is to help people actualize the best version of themselves through the study and practice of Shaolin Wing Chun.

Born in Augusta, GA and raised in the Carolinas, Sifu Mason has been a resident of Cincinnati, OH since 1998. He shares a home with his wife Rebecca, a certified Shaolin Wing Chun instructor in her own right, to whom he has been married since 2004. He has a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from Western Carolina University and currently works in the Information Technology field in Cincinnati, OH.