Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Every day is a new day with untold potential. We experience change inconspicuously, minute to minute, second to second and so on. However, no other time of year in our modern culture seems to spur thoughts of change and self-improvement as the first day of our calendar year.

A lot of folks consider new year resolutions to be cliche or trite because one should be able to affect change at any time. Many forgo the tradition of new year resolutions citing the fact that they have been previous unsuccessful, so what's point?

To this I would say sure you can set foot on a new path at any time, but if there is something dear to you that you want to accomplish, the best time to start is always now. And, if that "now" coincides with the powerful symbolism of new year's day, and the tradition of resolutions (tradition=energy from the past) , why not make good use of this time, space and energy?

If you have been previously unsuccessful, do not attach to that illusion of past events. Every day you wake up you are a biologically, psychologically, spiritually a different person than you were the day before. Cells die and generate, experience gives birth to wisdom, and how we cope with our environment and relate to the people around us will feedback into our spirit. You will never have any more potential to reach your goals than you do TODAY, for in reality, there is no “tomorrow”. My point is do not dwell on what you should've, could've done in the past, or what can't possibly happen until a future date. Focus on what you CAN do NOW.

On the other hand, you cannot just "will" improvement. You need a plan. If you have a long term  goal, figure out what short term objectives need to be met in order for you to reach the proper time and space in which you can realize that goal. Make as many objectives as you want or need on this journey. Divide and conquer. The more you conquer, the more successful you feel and the more successful you will become.

Need help? Find someone who has done what you are trying to do or something similar and have a conversation. You could also learn from someone who has been unsuccessful in your endeavor as well. Learn from ANYONE. At the least use the Google. And as always I, and I am sure the rest of our kung fu family, would be willing to provide counsel as well.

-Sifu Paul