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Shaolin Kung Fu

Red Tiger’s Shaolin Kung Fu training program teaches fighting skills in all ranges of combat including kicks (ti), strikes (da), takedowns (shuai) and submissions (na). The methodology used at Red Tiger focuses on first ensuring that you are taught effective combat skills to keep you safe in the real world.

Shaolin Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a traditional style of Shaolin Kung Fu - focusing on the natural human form, structure, and economy of motion to transform effective fighters into more efficient fighters. Integrating Wing Chun with other Shaolin Kung Fu methods gives our students the ability to fight in all ranges of combat, and flow between all ranges of combat effectively and efficiently.

Tiger vs. Dragon

The face of martial arts training is the fighting skill (the tiger), but equally important are the life skills that can learned in the kwoon (the dragon). Red Tiger follows Shaolin teaching tradition - like the warrior monks, our students are exposed to the Chan philosophy through guided meditation, Qi-Gong exercises, and discussion to garner self-improvement.